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Cuban film industry shows encouraging signs for 2006

Revival continues
03 January 2006

Havana, Jan 3 (Prensa Latina) Cuban cinematography welcomes 2006 with encouraging signs, shown by the prediction of increasing productions to 100, including documentaries, Latin American co-productions, full-length and short films.

Omar Gonzalez, president of the Cuban Institute of Arts and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC), described 2005 as a time of gradual recovery after the period of material restrictions and lack of resources.

There was a severe crisis due to technological problems and the incapacity of the institutions to afford production costs. Meanwhile however, a group of young creators with plenty of new and updated ideas was growing up.

Gonzalez praised the talent and commitment of the young artists and highlighted the need to support them in interactions with experienced creators.

The Cuban institute expects to present film lovers with 10 full-length movies completely filmed in Cuba, another seven co-productions with Latin America, and two premieres as part of the celebration of the ICAIC 47th anniversary.

Venezuela, Peru and Chile are among the countries sponsoring 2006 cinematographic productions.

ICAIC has planned 12 documentaries, six joint works with different institutions, 15 varied services for short films, three series and will confer special attention on 10 developing screenplays, among other projects to be carried out in 2006.

The Cuban institute will also gradually restore Havana"s movie theaters, which suffered during the last 10 years, and the replacement of their sound equipment.



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