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Fidel Castro makes first public appearance for 14 months

30 March 2015

Cuba's former president and revolutionary icon Fidel Castro made his first public appearance in 14 months on 30 March when he met with a delegation Venezuelans on a solidarity mission to Cuba.

The meeting occurred by chance when the group were visiting the Vilma Espin Guillois Educational Complex in Havana. The site houses pre-school to sixth grade students and was inaugurated by Fidel Castro in 2013.

On seeing the students and visitors at the school while passing, the Cuba's former president decided to pay an impromptu visit.

Local media said that Castro "greeted, one by one and without any difficulties, the Venezuelans," who were left impressed "by Castro's lucidity and his attention to the details of what is happening in Venezuela."

During his appearance, Castro highlighted the importance of the international campaign calling on the U.S. President Barack Obama to repeal his executive order that arbitrarily declares Venezuela an extraordinary threat to its national security.

In his pubic address, Castro emphasized the need to acquire as many signatures as possible in order remove Venezuela from being labeled as a threat to U.S. national security.

Read the full report from Telesur
and Prensa Latina


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